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Ready to hunt for urban treasures? Welcome to The Art Hunt!

Are you ready for an urban escapade that merges art, adventure, and discovery?

Welcome to The Art Hunt, a thrilling scavenger hunt designed to ignite your curiosity and set your spirit of exploration free. Get set to dive into the world of paste-ups and stickers while you unravel Zagreb’s artistic gems. Keep scrolling and find out how to participate.

What is the Art Hunt?

We teamed up with the Burger Fest team to bring you a city-wide treasure hunt for street art. The Art Hunt is part of the Zagreb Street Art Festival, happening from September 7th to 17th. It’s your chance to explore the city, find art, and win big. Join the hunt, have a blast, and let’s celebrate street art together!

We’ve hidden three awesome artworks in Zagreb’s city center. They’re paste ups – cool artworks on walls. We’ll put up pics of them on our website (keep scrolling to see them) and social media, but they won’t show exactly where they are.

Your mission? To decipher the riddles, pinpoint the locations, and embark on a quest to find these captivating art pieces.


How to participate?

Anyone can join! We’ve made it easy. Look at the pics on our website, think about where they could be, and go hunt them down. We’ve got riddles to help you out. Here is what you have to do:
  • Hunt down 3 artworks (find pics below) around the city center of Zagreb.
  • For each artwork that you find share an Instagram story and tag both @burgerfestivalhr and @zagrebstreetartfestival.
  • Find all 3 artworks in one day, come to the festival site (Trg Franje Tuđmana), and claim your prize!

Keep this in mind! – Only the first three people each day will win the prize.

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What’s the prize?

Successfully track down all three street art pieces, and your efforts will be rewarded! Head over to the festival and present your accomplishments. If you’ve managed to discover these urban treasures, capture their essence with an Instagram story, and complete the hunt in a single day, you’ll be entitled to a delectable prize.

Enjoy 2 free burgers, 2 refreshing drinks, and a special sticker pack, a token of your victory in The Art Hunt.

The locations

Here are the three locations you need to hunt down to win the prize. We have included a riddle under each image that will serve as a hint to help you find the location of each artwork. To keep it interesting we will change the locations every 3 (three) days.
Best of luck! 🙂

fckwrs 1

Hint: In Zagreb’s heart, where life’s a thrill,
Near Palladium, seek with skill.


fishes invasion 45.81491452812611, 15.976390501608305

Hint: Discover the secret on this stair-like street, where art and flavors subtly greet, and the cathedral’s towers you’ll also meet.


Hint: Near the railway’s western destination,
Find this art, a vibrant creation,
A big mural on a building’s side,
Where you catch the rhythm of the green wave ride.