A little bit about us

Welcome to the Zagreb Paste-Up and Sticker Festival 2023, a vibrant celebration of paste-up art in the heart of Zagreb!

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of paste-up and sticker art, a dynamic movement that is gaining momentum in street art cultures across the globe, including our very own city of Zagreb. At our festival, we aim to foster the growth and promotion of this artistic movement, firmly establishing it within the cultural fabric of Croatia and the wider region. Spearheaded by passionate local street artists, this event is a testament to our commitment to showcasing the vibrant spirit of Paste-Up, Sticker, and Street Art.

Expect an infusion of creativity and inspiration as we invite both local talents and renowned artists from around the world to leave their mark on the walls of Zagreb’s city center. Through this festival, we seek to create an immersive experience that engages visitors, sparks conversations, and ignites a sense of wonder and appreciation for the transformative power of street art.

Join us as we paint the town with creativity, innovation, and a shared love for urban art. Together, let’s shape the future of Zagreb’s street art culture!

Organized by “Grupa Zid”

This event is organized by “Grupa Zid”, a group of local Street-Artists, architects, designers, photographers, and other creatives who all share the same love for Street Art.

In Collaboration With Zagreb Burger Festival

We are proud to collaborate with Zagreb’s renowned street food festival, The Burger Festival, to present the first Zagreb Street Art Festival.

From September 7th to 17th, 2023, join us at Dr. Franjo Tuđman Square for a captivating fusion of international artworks and mouthwatering burgers. Experience the synergy of food and art, igniting inspiration and delight in a celebration like no other.

Meet the Zagreb Street Art Festival team

We are a group of artists, friends, and colleagues that decided to share the love of urban art with the city of Zagreb.

Krešimir Golubić

Leon GSK
Krešimir Golubić (Leon GSK), graffiti writer, street art activist, photographer, documentation, and publisher – since 1992.

Gregor Furkes

Street artist

Graphic designer and printmaker, graffiti and street art enthusiast with the idea of democratizing the public space and reclaiming the streets.

Max Jurić

Lettering Daily
Max is a lettering & calligraphy artist and graffiti and street art enthusiast. When Max is not drawing letters, he’s most likely playing drums, enjoying a cold beer, or eating pizza.
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Mislav Ante Omazić

Festival Producent
As the creative catalyst behind the inaugural street art paste-up and sticker festival, I draw from my past as a co-founder of the contemporary art gallery in Zagreb, where I learned the transformative power of artistic expression. Embracing the vibrant world of street art, I’m now on a mission to ignite imaginations and infuse our city with a colorful tapestry of creativity.
zac 2023 01

Žac – Željko Paulić

Creative Heisenberg

Branding and visual communication expert. Graphic and product designer. Art director/owner of Soma Design Studio.